Hamilton, it’s time to grow up.

The environmental, social, and architectural consensus is that building up is better. Better for affordability, better for the environment, and better for livability. So, why would our council be trying to implement restrictive tall building guidelines that limit our city to 30 stories? Some will defend these iron-fisted rules as protecting the view from the mountain. However, the view from the mountain is enjoyed by an affluent few who can afford housing on the mountain brow.

Alarmforce killed their Jingle, and with it, their shtick.

Anyone living in Canada with a television set in the last 20 years has heard it: the AlarmForce jingle. Unmistakably commercial, easy to remember, and a total earworm, it’s everything a Jingle should be. However, it’s been killed and replaced. The new jingle is light, inoffensive, but uninteresting, and forgettable. It’s the same beat, but at a quiet and modern tone.