Alarmforce killed their Jingle, and with it, their shtick.

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Anyone living in Canada with a television set in the last 20 years has heard it: the AlarmForce jingle. Unmistakably commercial, easy to remember, and a total earworm, it’s everything a Jingle should be.

However, it’s been killed and replaced. The new jingle is light, inoffensive, but uninteresting, and forgettable. It’s the same beat, but at a quiet and modern tone. The new jingle still includes the 1-800-267-2001, but it feels just a little bit too forced on.

No longer is the ‘AlarmForce’ name pronounced in the jingle, nor the stock market information. Perhaps removing the stock market information was a good, easy move to make, but the rest remains a corporate sin.


The updated jingle is part of an overall corporate refresh for Alarmforce, which got a flat, modern update. The logo is similar to the outgoing, but flat, easy to look at, and with a nice, easy to read font.

However, all is not perfect with the new logo. Most notably, there are small discrepancies between the regular ‘AlarmForce’ wordmark, and the ‘AlarmCare’ wordmark.

As you can see, the ‘AlarmForce’ wordmark maintains a uniform, all caps design, but the ‘AlarmCare’ wordmark, takes an unattractive shift with partially—uppercase and partially—lowercase text. You can see the difference below.

AlarmForce wordmark vs. AlarmCare wordmark.



On November 6th, 2017, BCE announced it would buy the AlarmForce company. It’s not hard to see why— traditional services like phone and cable are being obliterated by broadband and other internet services. No longer does a smart home refer to a landline and cable connection.

And now that BCE has a home security company, it can make gains on corporate enemy Rogers, who has a sub brand of ‘Smart Home Monitoring’.

Bell is a generally unlikable company— along with Rogers, and the other main telecommunications companies in Canada, but blaming their corporate culture for this is rather misguided, because the refresh occurred before the purchase.


When you think of people behind AlarmForce, who comes to mind other than Joel Matlin? In 1988, Joel Matlin founded AlarmForce and was President and CEO until 2013, when the Board of Directors unexpectedly fired him from his position without explanation.

Joel Matlin, who has had multiple major business successes in his career, was shocked and filed a wrongful termination suit. He settled that suit in 2016.

Mr. Matlin went on to found Think Protection in 2015. They’re a home security company competing with AlarmForce and they have the classic ad style of Joel Matlin talking about the service with a catchy jingle at the end.

Admittedly, the jingle is not as catchy as the original AlarmForce jingle, but it’s an improvement over the new AlarmForce jingle.


With BCE as the new owners, AlarmForce has a new potential to grow, and grow quickly. Bell may choose to rebrand the company, or it may stay the same. Subscribers of AlarmForce only equal 100,000 so Bell’s greatest challenge is growing the service. I can’t imagine Bell not enticing current customers to sign up with the ‘bundle’ deals it currently promotes.

Whichever way Bell takes the company, the rebrand of AlarmForce is almost certain to distance it from Joel Matlin.

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